Community development

Much of our work at Integra is devoted to work on community development projects. Here are some of our current active projects:

Konnect Kulturi: is a team within Integra responsible for education and community development, working in particular with refugees and other migrants. It offers a safe space for learning, dialogue and support. Thanks to the commitment of our amazing team of volunteers, Integra provides a drop-in centre, offers English and Maltese lessons and organises activities in the community. Read more

Stejjer Imfewha (spices and flowers): Spices and flowers have been used all over the world in variety of cultures and traditions. Be it for cooking, celebrating, mourning or simply just appreciating them, spices and flowers have a unique identity and story in ones heritage. This is an artistic heritage project that aims to create, preserve and communicate the historical and cultural significance of spices and flowers, a project documented for future generations. Read more

ACTive age Malta: is a drama-based project aimed at the physical, social, creative and emotional development and well-being of older adults. Read more

Project Integrated: this collaborative project seeks to target the integration of beneficiaries of international protection through the provision of integrated support. Working with our friends aditus and JRS Malta, the overall goal of the project is that beneficiaries of international protection are fully integrated in Maltese society, effectively enjoy their rights, and achieve true independence and self-sufficiency. This project is funded by UNHCR Malta. Read more

Sexual and Reproductive Health Project: working with our partners Kopin, the project aims to improve and develop the provision of sexual and reproductive health services for refugee women and their families residing in Malta. More specifically, the project seeks to: Provide a holistic service that facilitates communication and strengthen relationships between refugee women and Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) staff in Malta; Contribute to the learning needs of MDH staff with regard to the sexual and reproductive needs of refugee women; and Contribute to the sexual and reproductive health learning needs of refugee women. The project is funded by the U.S. Government’s Julia Taft Refugee Fund. Read more

Here are some of our past projects:

Ħwawar u Fjuri (herbs and flowers): sought to highlight human experiences and stories which revolve around the use of herbs and flowers as used in kitchens, worship, love & romance, grief & sorrow and for beauty. It created a space for Maltese and migrants to  meet each other and get to know the ‘Other’ through the narration of stories on the use of herbs and flowers in one’s own country and culture of origin. Read more

Our Voice: working with our partners aditus, the project supported refugee integration in Malta by addressing a critical gap in refugee assistance. The main goals of the project were to enhance the integration of Malta’s refugee and migrant communities, to foster a sense of active social participation by the refugee and migrant population, and to support the creation of formal and informal refugee and migrant networks/organisations. The project was supported by the US embassy in Malta and the Julia Taft Refugee Fund. Read more