Konnect Kulturi

Konnect Kulturi is a team within Integra responsible for education and community development, working in particular with refugees and other migrants. It offers a safe space for learning, dialogue and support.

English and Maltese lessons for migrants
lessons 3Thanks to the commitment of our amazing team of volunteers and interns, Integra provides a drop-in centre, offers English and Maltese lessons. Our classes are tailor made to meet the learning needs of our participants.

Dinja wahda: drop-in centre

lessons2‘Dinja Wahda’ is our community drop-in centre. Here we provide a number of support services, including informal educational opportunities, English language support, access to internet, assistance with CV writing, information and referral to mainstream services. The drop-in also includes a library.

Outreach activities
bowlingOur work includes providing the opportunities and spaces for dialogue with different communities in Malta. Our team  organizes outreach activities, and works closely with youth clubs, local councils and other stakeholders.