Disability and Extreme Poverty: Barriers to Health in Rural Guatemala’: Disabled people in rural areas of Guatemala talk about the barriers to health care in extreme poverty. They speak about problems, hopes, and ‘solutions’, voices seldom heard but always packed with agency. Produced by Shaun Grech (Integra/The Critical Institute)

‘To be a Refugee’ is a documentary made by Daniel Setiawan. In the summer of 2013, Maria Pisani (Integra Foundation/University of Malta) assisted Daniel in the making of this documentary. We think it’s a great piece of work that really captures the local situation with regard to asylum flows to Malta, and provides some disturbing insights on forced migration flows from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe. Over the past 14 years, an estimated  23,000 people have died trying to reach Europe. For more information on the making of the film, please contact Daniel Setiawan on

The Grounded Academic’: Shaun Grech (Integra/The Critical Institute) talks about academia and practice through the Integra action research project delivering emergency health care to disabled people in poverty in rural Guatemala.

‘HUMA’: The HUMA network project, a network initiated by Médecins du Monde, and composed of 16 partners in 16 EU countries, promoted the access to healthcare for undocumented migrants and asylum seekers on an equal basis with nationals within the EU from 2008 till 2011. Integra Foundation collaborated on this project. Maria Pisani speaks about access to healthcare for asylum seekers living in Malta