Our approach

Our practice is grounded in research, and pride ourselves with a strong lobbying and activist component. We are especially active in supporting efforts at self-representation in working towards social justice.


All our work is informed by ongoing action research. We are committed to participatory, emancipatory and contextually sensitive approaches. We work in partnership with a range of populations to generate and disseminate information that is critical and above all transformative. Cutting edge and timely research informs our advocacy and practice to critically impact the lives of those we work with.

Our programmes and projects are gounded in praxis to:

  • Carve out and sustain existing spaces for political dialogue between marginalised populations and those in positions of power 
  • Develop critical educational approaches and materials grounded in democratic dialogical learning, addressing oppression of all kinds in a range of geopolitical spaces. 
  • Develop national and international partnerships and coalitions for critical and coordinated change.
  • Work to facilitate and enhance access to adequate health care, housing, education, employment, and basic social protection.
  • Lobby and engage in activism to ensure that policies are just, and rights accessed and fulfilled.