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Maria Pisani
MariaMaria Pisani (Phd) is co-founder and director of Integra. Maria is also a lecturer at the University of Malta. Her ongoing involvement in the field provides an opportunity to keep the dialectic relationship between theory and practice alive, providing the space for critical knowledge production towards social transformation. Maria  is a fellow of The Critical Institute and Editorial Board Member on the international journal Disability and the Global South and the Journal of International Humanitarian Action. Maria has published extensively in international journals and contributed to edited texts. She combines her academic work with her interest in critical pedagogy and engaging praxis as a project of social transformation towards social justice.

Daniela Grech

Anna Grech

Mario Gerada


Shaun Grech

GrechShaun Grech is co-founder of Integra and director of The Critical Institute. He is also editor-in-chief of the international journal, Disability and the Global South (DGS) and co-editor of the book series, Palgrave Studies in Disability and International Development. His critical work covers a range of areas including disability, poverty and development, coloniality, critical disability studies, migration and intersectionality. Grech has published extensively in academic journals, is author of the book Disability and Poverty in the Global South: Renegotiating Development in Guatemala (Palgrave Macmillan), and co-editor of a number of publications. Shaun coordinates the emergency health care project for disabled people in rural Guatemala .