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Labour ‘fuelling migration fears’: NGOs react vehemently to PL’s statement on latest arrivals (Times of Malta, 21st August 2012)

Researcher brings hope to disabled living in poverty (Times of Malta, 29th July 2012)

Far right ideology haunts political system in Malta – AD chairman (Times of Malta, 23rd July 2012)

Inquiry into migrant death must be open, NGOs insist (Times of Malta, 12th July 2012)

Protest against racism in Valletta (Times of Malta, 11th July, 2012)

Migrants and NGOs hold walk in remembrance of killed migrant (Maltatoday, 11th July 2012)

Migrants say detention is not ‘inevitable’ (Maltatoday, 9th JUly 2012)

The Maltese: I’m not racist, but…(Maltatoday, 5th July 2012)

[WATCH]: Judge Valenzia’s inquiry into death of Malian (Maltastar, 3rd July 2012)

Lawrence Gonzi to meet migrants’ rights NGOs(Maltatoday, 3rd July 2012)

Migrant’s death: NGOs to meet the PM – Judge Valenzia to head inquiry (Times of Malta, 2nd July 2012)

Migrant’s death intensifies call to revisit detention policy (Maltatoday, 2nd July 2012)

AD chairperson says two main parties ’embraced’ far right politics (Maltatoday, 23rd June 2012)

Give them lessons in Maltese and English (Times of Malta, 23rd June 2012)

Gay rights movement welcomes passing of hate crimes amendments (Maltatoday, 20th June 2012)

Committed to protect asylum seekers and refugees (Maltastar, 20th June, 2012)

MGRM welcomes new hate crime legislation (Maltastar, 20th June 2012)

Bouncer acquittal should not mask racism problem, Times of Malta (11th March 2012)

MGRM welcomes hate crime legislation Malta Independent, 5th March 2012)

Women call for sex industry crackdown – ‘Brothels should now be regulated’ ,Times of Malta (4th March 2012)

NGOs-welcome-legal-protection-for-LGBT-Malta Star (2nd March 2012)

Emendi għall-Kodiċi Kriminali kontra kull tip ta’ vjolenza (Maltarightnow, 2nd March 2012)

Hate crimes amendments ‘major step in human rights development’-Maltatoday (2nd March 2012)

Tougher penalties on the way for hate crimes -Times of Malta (3rd March 2012)

Hoping that lies will prevail (Maltatoday, 1st March 2012)

LGBT persons demand the right to feel safe(Maltastar, 27th January 2012)

Over €360,000 in development aid for developing country projects Tuesday (Maltatoday, 24th January 2012)

New Libya must adopt asylum system -Times of Malta (14th September 2011)

Times of Malta Quotes of the week- Times of Malta (18th September 2011)

In the forgotten camps -Press Europ (9th June 2011)

Immigrants arrivals exceed average since 2002 – Times of Malta (14th June 2011)

Four jailed for organising human trafficking to Sicily-Times of Malta (28th June 2011)

No inquiry into use of rubber bullets in Safi riot- Times of Malta (22nd August 2011)

Malta urging Libya to sign conventions on human trafficking-Times of Malta (28th September 2011)

Representative from a fair trade cooperative in Argentina to visit Malta- Arka (4th May 2008)

An extra helping hand for asylum seekers- Times of Malta (7th February 2007)

An extra helping hand for asylum seekers – EUNET (7th February 2007)

Malta needs to adopt EU policies to protect immigrants- Malta Independent (11th february 2007)

Ġurnata ta’ attivitajiet b’għan siewi fil-Belt Valletta (Maltarightnow, 17th October 2006)

Il-Fondazzjoni Integra (Maltarightnow, 16th June 2006)

Jrs Malta human rights lawyer under arson attack -JRS Europe (19th April 2006)

No to discrimination (Malta Independent, 13th December 2005)

Gay oppression ‘not talked about’-Times of Malta (31st May 2006)

The integration of minority groups-Times of Malta (20th January 2005)

Another NGO joins in condemnation of Safi incidents (Malta Independent, 18th January 2005)

Minority Report- Times of Malta (17th December 2005)

Walk against intolerance-Times of Malta (4th December 2005)

Confusing issue is harmful-Times of Malta (25th December 2005)